Palm/Passion Sunday Prayer

Palm Cross


We give you thanks for the hope your grand entry into Jerusalem inspired. With joy and thanks we remember all who inspire our mundane lives with hope and joy. God remind us of those who need inspiration in their own lives, may we be blessed to be a blessing.

We remember how after the parade, you went into the temple, and in your righteous anger, drove out all who sought to exploit the poor, the vulnerable and the sick. May we all be reminded that we have such a protector in you, and may we follow your example in protecting the vulnerable around us.

We remember how at that same time, you welcomed the blind and lame into the temple, offering them healing and wholeness. We give you great thanks for those times and places where we find ourselves welcomed, where once we were forbidden. More, we give you thanks and praise for those times when we have found healing and wholeness in you. May your healing Spirit continue to work in, through and amongst us, bringing us healing from hurt, grief, and illness. May you help us to mend the divides we have created, and bring reconciliation into our midst so that we may all live fully.

The parade has ended, and the shouts of joy and triumph have died away. We hold in our hands crosses made of the palms that waved so joyously not long ago, and we take time to think about the days that led up to your time on a cross.

We remember Judas, tempted by 30 silver coins who betrayed you, and helped turned you over to the authorities. Help us to discover those things which tempt beyond living in right relationship with you and with our neighbours around the world. Keep us from temptation, O God. Surround those who have suffered betrayal of friendship and betrayal of justice with your love and your grace. Bind up their wounds, and help them to find your peace that passes all understanding.

We remember you making yourself vulnerable to your friends and washing their feet, before sitting down to share your last meal with them. We give you thanks for the friendship you offer us, and for those moments of grace in our lives where vulnerability and honesty lead to a more trusting relationship. We pray for those who never know such love and grace, for those who live in constant fear, and for those who are constantly exploited.

We also give you thanks for the nourishment we receive: whether it is nourishment for our bodies, food for thought or soul food, we cannot live without any of it. Bless those sources of nourishment in our lives, that we may not abuse them, or take more than our share, but always have enough. We pray for those who hunger: hunger for food, hunger for justice, hunger for a life worth living. Enable them to reach the sources of nourishment they so badly need.

We remember you praying in Gethsemane, with heart wrenching emotion, and friends who couldn’t stay awake to bear witness to your pain. We pray alongside all who are experiencing those dark nights of the soul, and those for whom terror doesn’t end with the sunrise, but continues as a constant in their lives. May we not fall asleep and neglect their pain or their need.

Finally, we remember your arrest and trial. We pray for all who are involved in the justice system: for those who make the laws, those who embody them, those who carry out justice, and those who find themselves on the opposite side of justice. May the laws we make enable us to live in right relationship with each other. May we seek change when they oppress rather than liberate, and may the consequences that are given help all to live more fully.

In times of trial and fear, may you always guide us with your wisdom and hope, and may we always pray with you saying: Our Father…


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